Emanuel Steward Foundation

Diane Steward-Jones (Emanuel's sister)

Spent 25 consecutive years as an elected officer of Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and was the first elected African-American President of SAG Branch and first and only African American elected from Michigan to sit on SAG's National Board in Hollywood. Detroit is the second oldest Branch of Screen Actors Guild (the union for movie actors). During her 25 year-tenure with SAG nationally and locally, for 19 of those 25 years she was an elected officer of SAG's sister performing union, AFTRA (The American Federation of Radio and Television Artists). During her 19 years with AFTRA, she was/is the only African-American elected from Michigan to the AFTRA National Board in New York, and as VIce President of AFTRA-Detroit. Diane retired as an elected SAG officer in 2005 and from AFTRA 1999.

Tiffany Jones (Emanuel's niece)

Is proud to be a part of the Emanuel Steward Foundation. A resident of New York City for the last 14 years, Tiffany is a proud graduate of the University of Michigan holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts from their School of Music. After performing for a few years after graduation, Tiffany began to work more heavily in the automotive industry. She is currently a trainer and coach for Volkswagen Sales Consultants and Sales Managers in the Northeast Region. Also a prominent voice on biracial identity, Hones and her Mulatto Diaries have been used as resources in college lectures on race, and have been noted as a relevant example of new media in the Society of Professional Journalists' Quill.

Dr. Stuart Kirschenbaum

was inducted into the Michigan Jewish Sports Hall of Fame November 2, 2009. He was instrumental in helping establish federal regulations for boxing in Michigan for improving conditions for fighters and served as commissioner in 1982-1992. A man of integrity! A man who loves Kronk! A man who loves the youth!

Kirschenbaum was the State of Michigan Boxing Commissioner from 1981 to 1992. He was a Gold Gloves boxer in New York City in the sixties. He has judged over a dozen world championship fights. He is the recipient of the 1993 Sports Illustrated Joe Louis Award and the 2010 Joe Louis Brown Bomber Jacket Award. He is the founder and president of the Michigan Boxing Hall of Fame and served as the president of the Michigan Jewish Sports Foundation, vice president and as a board member of the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame, African American Sports Hall of Fame, Athletes with Disabilities Hall of Fame, and the Emanuel Steward Foundation. In 2009, Kirschenbaum was inducted into the Michigan Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

Boxing Commissioner Emeritus and Special Advisor to the Governor on Boxing Affairs 2013-present.

R.J. King

is editor of DBusiness Magazine, which covers companies in metro Detroit that are expanding locally, nationally, and internationally. Past profiles include Roger Penske, Cindy Pasky, Dan Gilbert, Edsel Ford, and A. Alfred Taubman. Over the last three years, DBusiness was honored with seven Gold and four Silver medals in the Editorial Excellence Awards from the Alliance of Area Business Publications, including being named the top regional business magazine in the country. Prior to launching DBusiness in 2006, Mr. King was a business writer for The Detroit News for 16 years, where he wrote more than 4,000 articles covering economic development, automotive, health care, technology, and transportation. Mr. King is a board member of the Brother Rice Business Alliance, Beyond Basics, Detroit Aircraft Corp., Emanuel Steward Foundation, and the Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce. In addition, he serves on the Board of Trustees for the Parade Co. He is a member of the Detroit Athletic Club and a board member of the Detroit Athletic Club's Executives Club. He is also a member of the Boston-Edison Historic District and the University of Michigan Alumni Association.

Randy Dawson - Dawson Plumbing Texas

Hilmer Kenty - Kronk's First World Champion

Milton McCory - Kronk's Third World Champion

Robert Young - Young & Son